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School History

The Refrigeration Institute is a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning School founded in 1994. We are licensed by New York Education Department and conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, just a few minutes’ walk from Madison Square Garden.

The Refrigeration Institute has received many accolades on our training content and presentation but the most noteworthy compliments come on a daily basis from the students participating in our programs. We are proud of their unrelenting enthusiasm, interest and motivation.

Mission and goals

The educational mission and goal of The Refrigeration Institute is to provide the best possible training at an affordable price for individuals wanting to become refrigeration and air conditioning technicians or Refrigerating System Operating Engineers, thus enabling them to pursue careers in these challenging and financially rewarding fields.

Location and facilities

The Refrigeration Institute is located at 545 8th avenue, 2nd floor, new york, ny 10018 (between 37th and 38th streets, 4 blocks up from penn station, and 2 blocks down from the port authority bus terminal). We can easily be reached by public transportation.

Prospective students may call the school office at 212-244-2588 for further directions.

Philosophy and objectives

The principle goal of The Refrigeration Institute is to ensure that every student understands the theory of refrigeration and air conditioning and then has the opportunity to repeatedly see this knowledge come to fruition in our extensive hands-on training classes. In our shop classes, our students build up their skill levels while developing confidence in their own knowledge and ability. The majority of our students in our Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Course are graduates of our hands on technician’s training program. Now these students first and foremost are trained to become Operating Engineers skilled in plant operations and confident in operational trouble-shooting. They also gain the ability to pass the FDNY written exam and practical exam for the FDNY Refrigerating System Operating Engineer License.

The entire staff at The Refrigeration Institute understands that our students are investing both their valuable time and money in an effort to improve their quality of life. The foremost reason for this school’s existence is to help every student reach this goal. To achieve this goal, all members of our faculty and staff are completely committed to:

  • Educating our students with the most relevant course, and practical methods available in the educational field.
  • Maintaining a highly professional and experienced staff devoted to the professional and personal growth of our students.
  • Maintaining a close relationship with the professional community in order to continually evaluate and develop curriculum that best meets the needs of our students.

What Trainees Say

The knowledge and training received by students here is some of the best in the country, the staff has so much to offer, and employeers recruit...

Cyle Christopher

I attended school here and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, I no longer do HVAC, however I landed a job before graduation...

Kris Kurup

The knowledge and training received by students here is some of the best in the country, the staff has so much to offer, and employeers recruit...

Cyle Christopher

My experience here has been amazing. All the staff members here actually care about the students and they are passionate about...

Filip Pelc

Lifetime Career Placement Assistance

At the Refrigeration Institute, we are committed to helping each of our graduates, providing them with Lifetime Career Placement Assistance. Our career services department has been highly successful with Career placement for our graduates, which is only a reflection on the high-quality education and hands-on training they receive while they are enrolled in our programs.

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