Refrigerating System Operating Engineer 225 Hours (RSOE-225)

The Refrigeration Institute Prepares its Students for the Q-01 Exam by Offering Refrigerating Systems Operating Engineer Courses in NYC

As refrigeration and air conditioning systems become more complex, it is becoming critical to maintaining efficiently functioning refrigeration and air conditioning units for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

At The Refrigeration Institute, when students enroll in refrigerating systems operating engineer courses in Manhattan, we prepare our students preparing them for their written and practical exams to become accredited by the NYC FDNY for their Q-01 license exam.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Refrigerating Systems Operating Engineers Training Courses

At the Refrigeration Institute, our students are given hands-on experience in their training courses by their instructors that are highly trained and have years of experience within their given field. We have designed courses to be in-depth, immersive, and comprehensive for all of our students. After the successful completion of our courses, students will be prepared to take their Q-01 license exams.

The Refrigeration Institute is proud to offer the following services for its students:

  • Lifetime Career Placement Assistance
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  • Flexible Class Schedules

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Refrigerating Systems Operating Engineer Courses?

The ideal candidate for this program is a student who is preparing for the Q-01 license exam.

What Refrigerating Systems Operating Engineers Training Courses Prepare Students for

  • Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Written Preparation

    In this Written Segment, we will cover the Refrigeration Theory, systems diagnosis on Pressure/Enthalpy Diagrams for Reciprocating and Centrifugal Compressors, single-stage systems and multi-stage systems. Explain the design and operation of direct expansion evaporators and indirect expansion evaporators. We cover Metering Devices such as cap tube, Hand expansion, TXV, AEV, High Side float, Low Side Float, Fixed Orifice Type, and Economizer. We explain Condenser design and operation for air-cooled, water-cooled and evaporative as well as colling towers. Our training on compressors is extensive on dry compression, wet compression, positive displacement, and non-positive displacement, as well as Rotary, Screw, and various methods of capacity control. This segment includes Electricity and Motors. All Accessories, Refrigerants and Refrigerant oils, System Pressures and Temperatures, Cascade Systems, Multi-temperature Systems, Carbon Dioxide Systems, Steam Jet Systems, Booster-Type Systems, Ammonia Compression Systems, Lithium Bromide Absorption System and Ammonia Absorption System, as well as Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration ASHRAE STANDARD 15-2001.

  • Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Practical Preparation

    In this Practical Segment, we will study the typical R-22 Air Conditioning System. We cover all the system components (the compressors, gauges muffler, condenser, liquid line, solenoid, sight glass, filter dryers, TXV, Evaporator and service valves), as well as component design, function, operation, service, and repair. We will cover System start-up, Shutdown, automatic pump-down and manual pump-down for a typical R-22 air conditioning system. We also cover Push-Pull Recovery, Liquid Recovery, Vapor Recovery, Compressor change-out, Valve Plate service and replacement, Filter-dry replacement, and TXV repair and replacement. We cover all safeties and controls for the Reciprocating Compressors as well as the Centrifugal Compressors, Single and multi-stage. We also cover design criteria for centrifugal compression refrigeration, the York Millennium Chiller, synchronous motor drive and steam turbine-driven, including the surface condenser, air ejectors, atmospheric valve, and more.

Learn More About Refrigerating Systems Operating Engineers Training Courses

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What Trainees Say

The knowledge and training received by students here is some of the best in the country, the staff has so much to offer, and employeers recruit...

Cyle Christopher

I attended school here and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, I no longer do HVAC, however I landed a job before graduation...

Kris Kurup

The knowledge and training received by students here is some of the best in the country, the staff has so much to offer, and employeers recruit...

Cyle Christopher

My experience here has been amazing. All the staff members here actually care about the students and they are passionate about...

Filip Pelc

Lifetime Career Placement Assistance

At the Refrigeration Institute, we are committed to helping each of our graduates, providing them with Lifetime Career Placement Assistance. Our career services department has been highly successful with Career placement for our graduates, which is only a reflection on the high-quality education and hands-on training they receive while they are enrolled in our programs.

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