Refrigerating System Operating Engineer 225 Hours (RSOE-225)

The Refrigeration Institute Prepares its Students for the Q-01 Exam by Offering Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Courses in NYC

The Refrigeration Institute prepares well trained candidates like the alumni of our 450-Hour Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course, to become licensed engineers in New York City, with the ability to operate commercial equipment 100-ton and larger that are in service in all five boroughs of New York City. These machines are a critical load in hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, movie theaters, colleges, universities, and large residential buildings.

Operating Engineers are considered essential workers. These positions are year-round positions that are highly paid and well respected. They are the heart of any facility. Our students who become engineers are highly marketable for the rest of their career.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Training at The Refrigeration Institute

The Refrigeration Institute prepares men and women to become true operating engineers who are capable of start-up, seasonal start up, shut down, seasonal shut down, and emergency shut down, of commercial tonnage reciprocating systems, low pressure centrifugal systems, and high-pressure centrifugal systems, synchronous motor driven, as well as steam turbine driven. Our students also learn Absorption Systems, both Ammonia and Lithium Bromide. They understand operational troubleshooting and are prepared to pass the FDNY Written Exam (Z-51) and the FDNY Practical Exam (Z-52), to achieve their Q-01 Certification of Qualification.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Training?

Every candidate should have at minimum a GED, TASC, or High School Diploma, and their EPA Technician-608 Universal Certification, as well as formal refrigeration training in a program such as the Refrigeration Institute’s 450-Hour Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course. They must be highly motivated and be in the position to give a minimum of 95% attendance during this 3 ½ month program.

What Refrigerating System Operating Engineers Training Courses Prepare Students for

  • Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Written Preparation

    In this Written Segment, we teach the Refrigeration Theory, systems diagnosis on Pressure/Enthalpy Diagrams for Reciprocating and Centrifugal Compressors, single-stage systems and multi-stage systems. We explain the design and operation of direct expansion evaporators and indirect expansion evaporators. We cover Metering Devices such as cap tube, Hand expansion, TXV, AEV, High Side float, Low Side Float, Fixed Orifice Type, and Economizer. We explain Condenser design and operation for air-cooled, water-cooled and evaporative as well as colling towers. Our training on compressors is extensive on dry compression, wet compression, positive displacement, and non-positive displacement, as well as Rotary, Screw, and various methods of capacity control. This segment includes Electricity and Motors, all Accessories, Refrigerants and Refrigerant oils, System Pressures and Temperatures, Cascade Systems, Multi-temperature Systems, Carbon Dioxide Systems, Steam Jet Systems, Booster-Type Systems, Ammonia Compression Systems, Lithium Bromide Absorption System and Ammonia Absorption System, as well as Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration ASHRAE STANDARD 15-2001.

  • Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Practical Preparation

    In this Practical Segment, we study the typical R-22 Air Conditioning System. We cover all the system components (the compressors, gauges muffler, condenser, liquid line, solenoid, sight glass, filter dryers, TXV, Evaporator and service valves), as well as component design, function, operation, service, and repair. We cover System start-up, Shutdown, automatic pump-down and manual pump-down for a typical R-22 air conditioning system. We also cover Push-Pull Recovery, Liquid Recovery, Vapor Recovery, Compressor change-out, Valve Plate service and replacement, Filter-dry replacement, and TXV repair and replacement. We teach all safeties and controls for Reciprocating Compressors as well as Centrifugal Compressors, Single and multi-stage. We also cover design criteria for centrifugal compression refrigeration, the York Millennium Chiller, synchronous motor drive and steam turbine-driven, including the surface condenser, air ejectors, atmospheric valves, and more.

Learn More About Refrigerating Systems Operating Engineers Training Courses

If you are interested in finding out more information about refrigerating system operating engineers training courses in NYC, then give us a call today at (212) 244-2588

What Trainees Say

Being unhappy with the direction of my life and career choice I decided to go back to school. Under the guidance of my brother who is also a Graduate of The Refrigeration Institute and a Licensed Operating Engineer, it led me to Mr. Talty. Now I’m proud of my accomplishment - a licensed Operating Engineer with a career that is so rewarding and with so many opportunities and avenues to choose from. Thank you Mr. Talty and Staff!

B D'Auria

I could not be happier with the results of graduating from The Refrigeration Institute. The program enabled me to change careers….in my mid 40s! Frank’s program provided me with the knowledge to secure the credentials needed to begin a career as a refrigeration engineer. The foundation was also provided to ensure it was successful. Currently I am part of the engineering team at a world-renowned hospital where the entire team as well as our supervisor, are graduates of The Refrigeration Institute.

Chris Michaels

Attending classes at The Refrigeration Institute has truly changed my life for the better and has opened endless doors of opportunity. I successfully completed 2 full courses and was able to receive a top-tier education from some of the finest educators within the NYS Career Schools Sector. With the skills and experience I gained at The Refrigeration Institute, I secured employment with New York City’s most reliable mechanical contractor. I am extremely thankful for the educational experience I was given at TRI and can guarantee that any expectations will be exceeded.

Anthony Granito

At 58 years old and having had nothing but dead-end jobs, I heard about The Refrigeration Institute and decided to give it a try. I have not looked back. They trained me well and helped me find a rewarding position that I have now held for almost 7 years. The Refrigeration Institute salvaged my life!

Guy Carney

Coming to The Refrigeration Institute changed my life for the better, from the small classes to the amazing and helpful staff, they were there for me every step of the way. Their hands-on training, preparation, and the available one on one learning help me to achieve my Refrigerating System Operating Engineer License. My favorite part of the Institute had to be the close relations that the instructors, office staff, and even the owner Frank Talty and his wife built with you. All this has led me to a dream union position at the prestigious NYU Langone, and therefore I will always be forever grateful for paving a path to my bright future.

Brad Armas

When I came to The Refrigeration Institute, I went just to get my Universal Certificate. I was in a low paying, go no-where job as an “engineer” in a hotel. After Frank’s tour of the school, I enrolled. That proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was an investment in my future. The diploma and license are great on a resume, but more than that, I learned that hard work and doing my best pays off…. showing up on time every day after work, taking notes, and studying etc. …all this was foreign to someone whose life was defined by doing things half-assed, cutting corners, and doing the bare minimum to get by. TRI changed that. The school and the lessons learned (especially the ones not graded) led me to a well-paying, recession proof career as a Plant Operator in a hospital. I learned that I am a good student, and I AM smart, and I CAN achieve…. Thoughts are things…remember that and do the right thing, even when no-one is looking and that dream job can be yours too!

Peter Rosa

Lifetime Career Placement Assistance

At the Refrigeration Institute, we are committed to helping all of our graduates, providing them with Lifetime Career Placement Assistance. We are highly successful in placing our graduates, which reflects the excellent quality of our graduates and the high-quality education and hands-on training they receive at The Refrigeration Institute.

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